Volume I, Number 10  •  January 2009 

•  Saturday, Jan. 24:  Star Trek: Phase II: "Blood and Fire, Part I"
•  Friday, Jan. 30:  Star Trek Night with the Atlanta OutWorlders
•  Saturday, February 14:  Valentine's Day Lonely Hearts Dinner
•  Fri.-Sun., March 6-8:  STARFLEET Int'l Region 2 Summit
•  Wednesday, April 8:  Star Trek Bingo Night

•  Captain Watts reelected Commanding Officer
•  USS Exeter holds fourth meeting at Vulkon
•  2009 USS Republic calendars now available!
•  GPB Pledge Drive DVDs now available!
•  USS Republic administrative assistance needed
•  Member Benefits Program seeks additional partners
•  20th Year Celebration t-shirts still available
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Episode Screening:
Star Trek: Phase II: "Blood and Fire, Part I"

3:00 p.m. Saturday, January 24, 2009
The Stage Door Bar & Grill
4431 Hugh Howell Rd, Tucker GA 30084
Phone: (770) 414-9292

The USS Republic is pleased to present a free screening of the latest episode of Star Trek: Phase II (formerly New Voyages): Part I of David Gerrold's controversial and highly anticipated "Blood and Fire," which boldly goes where no two men have gone before in live-action Star Trek.  Starring James Cawley as Captain James T. Kirk, Ben Tolpin as Mr. Spock and Bobby Rice as Ensign Peter Kirk, this horrific story finds a battle-damaged Enterprise caught between an incurable contagion that threatens to overrun the galaxy, the pull of a dying star, and Klingons poised to attack.  Like all of the best Star Trek episodes, "Blood and Fire" finds the Enterprise crew facing their own human fears and failings as they weigh the costs and decide how much personal risk to take in order to save the people around them.

All the best original Star Trek episodes were allegories for contemporary cultural and political issues.  Following the highly publicized marriage of George Takei and Brad Altman and the recent passing of California's Proposition 8, "Blood and Fire" continues this tradition, depicting marriage equality in the 23rd century as an accepted and routine matter.  Please note: This episode presents mature themes; viewer discretion advised.

The Republic's very own Executive Officer, Cmdr Brian Holloway, served as a makeup artist and an "extra" for this episode, and will have an on-the-set report in an upcoming issue of our award-winning chapter magazine, The Sovereign Star.

Please join us at the Stage Door Bar & Grill in Tucker between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 24.  We'll start the show around 3:30 and enjoy the 45-minute-long episode with a meal from their lunch and dinner menu.  A DVD projector will be used to show the episode on a wall-sized screen for maximum viewing pleasure.  After the show, we'll hang around a bit to discuss this ground-breaking episode.


Star Trek Night with the Atlanta OutWorlders:
"A Tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry"

8:00 p.m. Friday, January 30, 2009
Hosted by and in the home of Alan Siler
2582 Addison Drive, Doraville GA  30340
Let's join our friends, the Atlanta OutWorlders, for a night that celebrates the quintessential American science fiction television franchise: Star Trek.  Each month, we'll explore a different theme by seeing episodes taken from all of the show's TV incarnations: Star Trek, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and yes... even Enterprise.  Few television shows, particularly sci-fi, have had the impact on American culture that Star Trek has had.  For the month of January, the theme is "A Tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry."

Valentine's Day Lonely Hearts Dinner

7:00 p.m. Saturday, February 14, 2009
Moe's Southwestern Grill
1524 Church St, Decatur GA 30030
Single and alone on Valentine's Day?  Don't be!  Join the USS Republic at Moe's Southwestern Grill in Decatur for an evening of fun, friendship and REALLY cheap dinner!  That's right---everyone who attends this event will receive five dollars off their dinner order... and considering that their most expensive entrée is only $7.99, you'll be able to enjoy a hearty and delicious dinner and drink for less than five bucks!  Happy Valentine's Day from the USS Republic!


STARFLEET International Region 2 Summit

Friday - Sunday, March 6-8, 2009
Budget Inn & Banquet
1525 Ellis Ave, Jackson MS  39204
Phone: (601) 944-1150

Hosted by the USS Haise NCC-74664, the 2009 STARFLEET International Region 2 Summit will be held March 6-8 in Jackson, Mississippi.  The annual Summit can be one of the most rewarding experiences in STARFLEET.  Unlike typical conventions with Star Trek stars, a Summit is a learning experience.  Not only is it a great chance to learn valuable skills in the various informative panels and workshops, but it's also a great chance to make valuable friendships with people you've only heard about through The STARFLEET Communiqué, Region 2 Update, online and other sources.  Over 100 people from chapters throughout the Region attend the Summit, along with some of the STARFLEET Executive Committee, like the Commander, STARFLEET.  It's a great opportunity to learn in a very fun environment.  You will also have a chance to find out what is going on in your Region and in STARFLEET.

One of the most important events at the Summit is the annual Awards Banquet.  The Republic has won five Regional awards in the last two years and looks forward to another triumphant year in 2009!  Commanding Officer, Republic, would like for our chapter to be well-represented at the 2009 Summit.  Confirmed to attend so far are Captain Eric L. Watts, Commander Brian Holloway and ENS2 Zannetta Law.  Please plan to join this "away mission" and attend this very important event!

Adult registration for the 2009 Summit is $25 until February 15 and goes to $35 after that.  Additional information about the Summit in general can be found here.

The Budget Inn & Banquet in Jackson has given us a room rate of $59 per night.  The hotel is set up to receive phone reservations ONLY.  The number (601) 944-1150.  When making reservations, remember to use the group code "Starfleet Region 2" to get the special rate.  The Fleet Admiral's Dinner is set for Friday night at Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q in Jackson.  The Awards Banquet on Saturday will be buffet style and held in the host hotel.  Banquet prices are $19.95 for adults, $10 for children under 10, and free for children under 3.  Additional information about the 2009 Summit, including hotel and restaurant info and PayPal links for preregistration, Awards Banquet tickets and commemorative t-shirts, can be found here.

Star Trek Bingo Night:
Trekkies, Tribbles and Klingons, Oh My!
A benefit for PALS Atlanta and the Republic

7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 8, 2009
The Wild Mustang
2115 Faulkner Rd, Atlanta GA  30324
Phone: (404) 844-8800

The USS Republic is pleased to partner with PALS Atlanta for a charity event to benefit both PALS Atlanta and the Republic.  Hosted by the hilarious and outrageous Bubba D. Licious and held at The Wild Mustang just off Cheshire Bridge Road, proceeds from this event will help PALS Atlanta continue its mission of providing free food and basic veterinary care and support to the pets of critically ill and disabled Atlantans.  This event will also serve as a fundraiser and member recruitment opportunity for the Republic as publicity and promotion for the new Star Trek movie will be reaching its zenith just four weeks before its premiere.

This is a costume-encouraged event and all members and friends of the USS Republic are asked to wear their best Star Trek costume (Starfleet, Klingon, etc.), Republic sport shirt or t-shirt, or your own club's t-shirt.  We hope to hold a costume contest of some sort during the event; details to be announced if and when confirmed.

Doors at The Wild Mustang open at 6:30 p.m. with the first Bingo number being called at 7:45 p.m.  Tickets are $20 and will be available from the USS Republic during March and early April.  A cash bar and food concessions will be available.  Your game card includes seven games (six chances to win $100 cash and one jackpot game with a $500 prize).


Captain Watts reelected Commanding Officer
On December 2, of the 73 members on the Republic’s crew roster, 60 were in good standing (e.g., membership dues were paid and current) and of those 60 members, 57 had valid email addresses.  An electronic Commanding Officer election ballot, listing the names of all members of the Republic who were eligible to hold the office of Commanding Officer, regardless of whether or not they had announced their candidacy, was emailed to those 57 email addresses.  The eligible members included Lt JG David Churvis, Capt Michael Cowart, Capt Matt Ebeling, Cmdr Brian Holloway and Capt Eric L. Watts.  Of these five, only Capt Watts had announced his candidacy.  After two weeks of collecting responses and with 33 of the 57 ballots returned, Lt Churvis, Capt Cowart and Capt Ebeling received no votes; Cmdr Holloway received one vote (1.7% of all ballots and 3.0% of cast ballots); “None of the Above” received two votes (3.5% of all ballots and 6.0% of cast ballots); and Capt Watts received 30 votes (52.6% of all ballots and 90.9% of cast ballots).  Accordingly, Capt Watts, 13th Commanding Officer of the USS Republic, has been reelected for a second two-year term commencing January 1, 2009, and ending December 31, 2010.
USS Exeter holds fourth meeting at Vulkon
The USS Republic's shuttle-in-training, the USS Exeter NCC-1706, based in Jacksonville, Florida, and under the command of Commander John R. Sims, recently held its fourth meeting at the Orlando Vulkon convention from Friday, October 31, to Sunday, November 2, 2008.  Commander Sims submitted the following report:

October was a very busy month for our chapter.  We all work for the same company, Publix, and it was time for our quarterly inventories, which can be very hectic.  When we had a free moment or two, we got together to discuss the fast-approaching Vulkon fall show.  All our trip plans came together as we all bought our tickets and got rooms at the hotel with the help of prospectve member Janice Neu.  She also created some very nice polo shirts for us to wear at a reasonable price.  My yeoman, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, and I arrived at the show Friday afternoon.  We relaxed and spoke with some other early arrivals, which included me meeting up with my old friend, Joe Motes.  We spoke about conventions of today as opposed to the ones I used to work staff on when he was the promoter.  Very insightfull!  After dinner, we picked up our tickets and called it a night.

The next morning, we took a gander in the dealers room and attended the
Trek chat forum.  Afterwards, we met up with the Neu family and spent the rest of the day with them.  I informed them about us finaly getting approved as a chapter-in-training, which was well-receieved.  Ed, Janice and their sons, Adam and James, have been very active with the group.  They will be officially joining the Fleet when Ed gets his bonus in a few weeks.

Around 6:00 p.m., we all went to Bob Evans for some homestyle cookin'!  Afterwards, we hurried back to the con for the evening's activities.  My ensign and I got into our brand-spanking-new classic
Trek USS Exeter uniforms and headed downstairs.  On the way down, we shared an elevator with Terry Farrell ("Jadzia Dax" from Deep Space Nine).  She was very nice and loved our outfits!  We then hung out at the Klingon bar, watched Billy Mumy play and sing, and awaited the costume contest, which was interesting, to say the least.

On Sunday, we all met again in the lobby and attended a few more activities.  By 3:00, we were ready to go on to our next adventure: the Kennedy Space Center!  My yeoman and I were alone for this part of the landing party.  We went on the KSC "Then and Now" tour, during which we were able to see the old Mercury and Gemini launch sites and firing rooms.  This tour ends with a stop at the Saturn V center, which has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

On Tuesday, Hyo and I went over to the Astronaut Hall of Fame and spent about four hours enjoying the rich history of America's space program.  We then set course for home.  After arriving back in Jacksonville, I phoned all the members to give them a rundown on the Space Center and the con.  Unfortunately, XO Ryan McDowell and Ensign Chris Hamm could not be with us due to work schedule conflicts.  Maybe next time, guys?
Back row: Ed Neu, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, Commander
John R. Sims.  Front row: Janice, James and Adam Neu.
2009 USS Republic calendars now available!
They're here!  Printed in full color and on heavyweight card stock, drilled and comb-bound for easy wall-hanging, the USS Republic's awesome new 2009 calendars are now available!  Featuring twelve photos from the Republic's highest-profile events and activities from 2008, member birthdays, federal holidays, major religious and seasonal observances, and most Atlanta-area science fiction convention dates, this is THE calendar for all your needs!  This full-sized (10¾" x 17"), limited edition calendar can be yours for only $10.00 postpaid... but hurry, they're sure to sell out fast!  Visit the Republic's Ship's Store to order yours now!
GPB Pledge Drive DVDs now available!
We came, we answered phones, we conquered!  Twenty-one members and friends of the USS Republic answered phones for two hours during Georgia Public Broadcasting's live semi-annual Pledge Drive on Saturday, December 6... and we've got it on DVD!  See Capt Eric L. Watts be interviewed on live TV!  See Ens Eddie Hines ham it up for the cameras!  See two fully ridged Klingons try to hold phones to their heads!  See it all for only $5.00 per each postpaid DVD!  In addition to 40 minutes of televised Republic samaritanism, this four-hour DVD also includes the last half-hour of Celtic Woman–The Greatest Journey: Essential Collection; Victor Borge: 100 Years of Music & Laughter! (1½ hrs); Yanni Voices (30 min.) and the first hour of My Music: My Generation–The 60s, hosted by Michelle Phillips.  Visit the Republic's Ship's Store to order your DVD now!
USS Republic administrative assistance needed
Commanding Officer, USS Republic, has two projects to offer to members who wish to assist with the administrative operations of the chapter.  One project requires good computer and web-browsing skills and the ability to burn a DVD; the other project requires the ability to make phone calls.  Both projects require the ability to follow detailed instructions.  Persons interested in either of these assignments should contact the Captain.
Member Benefits Program seeks additional partners
The USS Republic's Member Benefits Program has been a very successful recruitment incentive and has helped our members save money on goods and services provided by our partners.  Unfortunately, due to the recent downturn in the economy and other factors, a couple of our original partners have gone out of business in the last few months, reducing the overall value of the program.  The Republic would now like to strengthen this program by adding several new partners to it.  Partners receive free advertising on our web site, in our chapter flyers and brochures, and links to their web sites in The Republiqué in exchange for an exclusive money-saving offer to Republic members.  If you or someone you know is a business owner or manager authorized to make such agreements and would like to become involved in this program, please contact the Captain for additional details.
20th Year Celebration t-shirts still available
Making their debut at Sci-Fi Summer Con, our 20th Year Celebration commemorative t-shirts are still available!  These high-quality, 100% preshrunk cotton tees are available in sizes Medium, Large, XL, 3XL and 4XL and feature the two-color USS Republic 20th Year Celebration logo screenprinted on the full chest.  Each limited edition, collector's item shirt is only $15.00 postpaid!  Sizes Small and XL are already sold out, so order yours now before they're gone forever!

Click here
to buy with PayPal or send check payable to "USS Republic" to Captain Eric L. Watts, 2902 Aspen Woods Entry, Atlanta GA  30360-2759.
Personnel Records

•  Condolences to ENS2 Hal Doby on the passing of his son, Jeremy Lloyd, 34, on December 18.  Jeremy passed away after being hospitalized in Savannah for a severe case of cellulitis and a staph infection.  A memorial service was held on December 21.  Jeremy is survived by partner of three years, Brad Dodson, also of Savannah, and his mother, Debbie Lloyd, of Atlanta.

•  Congratulations to ENS2 Mark A. Ozanick, who was recently elected to a two-year term on the Board of Directors of the Lesbian & Gay Band Association (LGBA), a musical organization comprised of GLBT concert and marching bands from the United States, Canada and Australia.  LGBA is dedicated to providing a network of lesbian and gay bands to promote music as a medium of communication and understanding among people, presenting the GLBT community in a positive light, and stimulating public interest in the unique art form of community band music in our culture.

•  Better Luck Next Time to Capt Eric L. Watts, one of six finalists in the "Tucker USA Karaoke Idol" competition finals held in Tucker on December 20.  Capt Watts withdrew from the competition after performing only one song due a sore throat and extremely hoarse voice.  Each finalist was required to perform four songs in the finals.

Recent Chapter Event Photos
Georgia Public Broadcasting Pledge Drive  ||  Dec. 6, 2008
Front row: Friends of the Republic Kevin Parker and James King, ENS3 Susan Rey, Friend of the Republic Aaron Dunne, Capt Eric L. Watts, ENS3 Sue Lin Lange, Ens Daniel Wolfgang, Ens Chris White.
Second row: ENS2 Zannetta Law, ENS2 Michael Shipley, Ens Julianne Trew, Ens Joanne Trew, Ens JG Jenilee Trew, Ens Marilyn Teague, Ens Naomi Hemingway.
Third row: Friend of the
Republic Audrey Lynne, Ens Eddie Hines, Friend of the Republic Theresa Parker, USS Atlanta XO Tonya Spanks, Helen from the Georgia Aquarium, ENS3 Elisa Roper.
Standing at left: GPB on-air announcer Melissa Hampton.
Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony  ||  December 21, 2008
Standing: Cmdr Brian Holloway, Capt Eric L. Watts, Ens Naomi Hemingway, Ens Joanne Trew, Ens Jeff Trew, ENS2 Zannetta Law, ENS2 Mark A. Ozanick, Ens Eddie Hines, ENS3 Tony Cade, Ens Darrell Ortiz.
Kneeling/Seated: Ens Chris Jones, Capt Michael Cowart, Ens Julianne Trew, Ens JG Jenilee Trew.
Star Trek toys wanted to buy: New in box not necessary.  Ships preferred, but will consider figures and playsets as well.  Wanted for play use by Crewman Connor Sollie.  Please contact Ens Mike Sollie with details and price.


Wednesday, January 7
Ensign Joel Tyler Anderson

Saturday, January 10
Ensign Rachel Bowman


Ensign Tammy Pakulski


The Republic needs certain items on a continuing basis to operate.  To help keep our expenses and membership dues as low as possible, donations of the following items would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!

•  HP 10 black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges
•  13 x 19 70-lb. smooth white opaque text stock
•  Avery 8160 or compatible address labels
•  9 x 12 manila clasp envelopes
•  8½ x 11 90-lb. white index card stock (Springhill 15101)
•  clear packing tape

Commissioned on May 14, 1988 at Dixie-Trek, the USS Republic NCC-1371 is a chapter of STARFLEET International (SFI) and a member of STARFLEET Region 2.  The Republic currently has 62 active members (as of January 11) and is one of the largest chapters of STARFLEET in the world.  The Republic plans and coordinates an active schedule of events for its members, frequently partnering with other local science fiction groups in the Atlanta area for joint activities, but does not hold meetings on a consistently fixed date each month.

Membership in the Republic includes membership in STARFLEET International.  Annual dues are $25 per person for both groups (family discounts are available with certain conditions and restrictions).  Membership in the Republic includes a subscription to our award-winning quarterly magazine, The Sovereign Star, access to our YahooGroups message board, voting privileges in chapter elections and a personalized laminated membership card which entitles the member to discounts and rebates on products and services offered by our Member Benefits Program partners.  Additional information on Republic membership and how to join is on our award-winning web site.

XBox Live Gamertag:
"USS Republic"


* 17 *

From the Center Seat
Captain David W. Vosper

It has been another busy but turbulent month for the USS REPUBLIC.  We attended the premiere of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, appeared on Dekalb channel 12 public access TV, held two general meetings and a Christmas party.

The movie premiere at the Tower Place 6 cinema was attended by about 15 club members, all of which received complementry ST VI movie poster, courtesy of theatre General Manager Chuck Erb.  The film was discussed at out December 7th general meeting at Fernbank and the general response was that people liked the movie.

After the December 7th meeting, three members attended Tony Cade's cable TV "Sci-Fi Atlanta: A Salute to Star Trek."  Karen Estes got to appear manning the controls on the bridge set, while her husband Jon-Paul and I were interviewed by moderator/producer Tony Cade.  Tony also showed my entire Universal Studios Star Trek "screen test" tape on the air.  I did not tape the show myself, but I was told by the studio control room staff that they did not show our club's address and phone number as promised -- very disappointing.

I received a letter from Admiral Tom Davis in Seattle this week, confirming my promotion to STARFLEET Captain, effective October 1st, 1991.  With this positive commitment from SFHQ, I am finally ready to commit myself to this club, and to formally promote individuals that have helped plan and execute club activities these past five months.

Attendance at meetings and the Christmas party seems to be down due to the other things going on during the holiday season.

The club has received many resignations this month.  I do not pretend to understand all of the issues involved, but they seem to stem from two events:

1) My joint decision with Karen Estes to eliminate the position of ship's Counselor/Chaplain, and the controversy over my accompanying explaination of that fact in the December newsletter.

2) James Corley's attempt to start a STARFLEET shuttle on the South side of Atlanta.

Regarding James Corley's attempt to start a South side shuttle, I can only say that, after consulting with the staff, I decided against it, and have left the decision up to STARFLEET Region 2.  Since I said "No" things have gotten ugly.  I will not print the details here, for fear of fueling the fire of a divisive contraversy.  If you want to hear the full story from my perspective, I will be glad to discuss it in private, and to show anyone the documentation and written correspondence.

As of today (December 22th) I have not gotten official word of Region 2's decision.  Neil Fuller reported to me that he is to be the shuttle's XO, and that the word had been given to form a shuttle in Sunny Side, GA (North of Griffin), off the USS Excalibur in Jacksonville, FL.  Shuttle certification is a long, complicated process.  Our acting Chief Security Officer (Neil) and acting Medical Officer (Mrs. Fuller) and their two children, have resigned and have indicated that they intend to join the shuttle.  That is all I know about this matter.

Currently the REPUBLIC has 49 STARFLEET members.  Several others will probably resign before things settle out.  My immediate obligation as Captain is to keep the REPUBLIC's commitments to STARFLEET Region 2, in sponsoring STARFLEET activities at the Vulkon Convention February 21st, 1992.  To that end, I am currently phoning club members who have impressed me in the past with their level-headedness and commitment to STARFLEET's goals (please see the accompanying article on STARFLEET's goals), but who have not had the opportunity to participate on the REPUBLIC staff.

Ensign Kathleen Kennedy has agreed to serve as our Chief Medical Officer.  Club secretary Janet Green is also helping out, phoning members of the Science department.  The positions of Science Officer, Security Officer and Engineering Officer and their assistants are currently open and I will consider volunteers for these positions.  Volunteers should first read the accompanying newsletter article on REPUBLIC staff officers.

I would like to appeal to all club members that the REPUBLIC needs your active support to pull off out commitment to Region 2 and to Convention promotor Joe Motes at Vulkon.  I have tried to lead by example for the past five months, by putting in 400 hours of my time (not counting meetings) and about $1000 out of my own pocket.  I have also turned down numerous lucrative job offers out of state, on the grounds that I have a important obligation here in Atlanta that I cannot walk away from.

So far, two people have thanked me, both after the ST VI movie this month.  Others have criticized me, complaining that they are not having enough fun (see the related article on the club's 1991 activities).  I would like to point out that I am not personally responsible for assuring that 60 members have fun.  I share that responsibility with the Command staff, and it is members of that staff who have complained the loudest.

In September the staff voted to set a recruiting goal of 100 members for the REPUBLIC.  It seems that since then, certain staff members have made the startling discovery that the staff work of building a big club is mostly work -- not fun.  It is also the responsibility of staff officers to motivate the crew members in their respective departments.  All crew members should suggest fun activities to the staff and attend these activities.  They should also contribute to the newsletter.  I have never vetoed any suggested fun activities.  Staff officers are suppose to be the motivating force behind the club, as well as being the most active members.  So far, many have just been the most active members.

I am not resigning, because I have so many people depending on me.  Over sixty people have paid their dues to the REPUBLIC and to her Captain.  The club has started a shuttle in Memphis, a computer bulletin board, a newsletter, a treasury and has obligated itself to sponsoring STARFLEET at Vulkon.  STARFLEET has charged us with helping to make this a better, brighter world through community service activites.  Someone needs to continue this work, and despite my best efforts to encourage others to help lead this club, there is no successor in sight.

I intend to continue club "business as usual", with the hope of attracting more dedicated volunteers who want to help us build and lead a big, prosperous club full of Trekkers.  If the "South side" shuttle is not certified, or if it fails, those members who have not hurt the REPUBLIC will be welcomed back.  If it succeeds, perhaps we can work together.

It is my pleasure to announce that LCdr. Kelly Hilliard has agreed to become the REPUBLIC's Executive Officer.  Kelly is OCC qualified and is hereby promoted to the rank of Commander.

Kelly has rendered excellent service to this club even before I took over in August.  As club treasurer, Kelly has been largely responsible for the club's financial success, due to his excellent management of the club's funds, and by printing the club newsletter free of charge.  Kelly is however working several real-life jobs, and his free time is limited.

I am proud to announce that the club has raised $106 for the Atlanta food bank this month.  Fifty dollars came from the club treasury and fifty six from private donations.  I have bought 278 lbs. of bulk food and have delivered it to the Atlanta Food Bank.

(Captain, we have struck a worm-hole!  The controls do not answer.)

Slow to 3/4 Impulse power,

Set course for Vulkon.

Reprinted from
And to the REPUBLIC
Volume IV, Issue One
January 1992
Copyright © 1992 USS Republic.

USS Republic NCC-1371
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Commanding Officer  
  Captain Eric L. Watts
Executive Officer  
  Commander Brian Holloway

The Republiqué Volume I, Number 10, January 2009.
Published monthly by and Copyright © 2009 USS Republic NCC-1371.
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