Volume I, Number 17  •  August/Early September 2009 

•  Saturday, September 26:  STARFLEET Bowling Challenge
•  Sunday, Oct. 11:  Centennial Park Picnic &
Republic Brick Hunt
•  Saturday, October 31:  Fourth Annual Halloween Spooktacular

•  USS Exeter files activity report for July
•  Visit the USS Republic Ship's Store today!
•  Personnel Records
•  Recent Chapter Event Photos

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Fourth Annual STARFLEET Bowling Challenge

With the Klingon Assault Group
6:30 p.m. Saturday, September 26, 2009
Midtown Bowl
1936 Piedmont Circle, Atlanta GA  30324
(404) 847-5703  ||  www.midtownbowl.com
The Republic's Third Annual STARFLEET
Bowling Challenge, September 2008
Join the USS Republic for our Fourth Annual STARFLEET Bowling Challenge!  We've challenged the Klingon Assault Group to meet us in the alley... we'll see who shows up!

The game fee is $20.00 per person for two hours of bowling and includes shoe rental.  CASH ONLY, PLEASE, and please pay the Republic, who has already paid for the lane rental.  We have rented two lanes which accommodate up to six players each.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can add lanes if necessary.  Please arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. to pay for play, get your shoes and choose your ball.  First ball rolls promptly at 7:00 p.m., so please arrive early and be ready to roll (literally) at 7:00 p.m.  Midtown Bowl's food grill offers a broad range of menu items and adult beverages are available at the full-service bar.

The 2007 Bowling Challenge turned out to be a huge media event with lots of TV cameras and the 2008 Challenge (pictured above) was just as much fun.  Plan to wear your best Star Trek costume or your USS Republic sport shirt or chapter t-shirt for this fun-filled family-friendly event!

Centennial Park Picnic & Republic Brick Hunt

A Joint Event with the USS Atlanta
Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time to Be Announced

Fifteen years ago, the USS Republic purchased a personalized, inscribed brick for the brand new Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.  We have a certificate in our chapter archives confirming its ownership and placement, but we do not have a photo of the brick itself.  On Sunday, October 11, members of the Republic and the USS Atlanta—many of whom were members of the Republic in the mid-1990s—will come together—our first official joint event—for an afternoon picnic in the park, a "brick hunt" (it won't be hard... we have a map indicating where it's located), and a group photo opportunity.  Specific details are still being worked out by Republic CO Captain Eric L. Watts and Atlanta CO Admiral Mike Henigan, but save the date now and plan to join us on Saturday, October 11, for a fun-filled day in historic Centennial Olympic Park!
Fourth Annual Halloween Spooktacular

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Time and Location to Be Announced
The Republic's Third Annual Halloween Spooktacular
October 2008
The USS Republic's Fourth Annual Halloween Spooktacular is scheduled for Saturday, October 31, but we have not yet confirmed a location for the event.  Any member or friend of the Republic who would be willing to host this event in their home should contact the Captain as soon as possible!

This will, of course, be a costume-encouraged event—and not necessarily Star Trek or science fiction costumes!  Save the date now!  Depending on where the event is held, it may be a potluck dinner and BYOB event... or maybe not!  Additional details to be announced.
USS Exeter files activity report for July
The USS Exeter NCC-1706, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a shuttle of the USS Republic.  Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the Exeter, submitted the following report for July 2009:

On Sunday, July 5, the crew of the
Exeter had its monthly dinner meeting at our usual hangout, Golden Corral, at 6:00 p.m.  I think we may need to change venues considering this family style restaurant was completely out of mashed potatoes!

We caught up on what was happening in our lives and had a good meal, despite the fact that they were out of mashed potatoes!  (If you haven't figured it out, I LOVE them!)  Topics discussed were Dragon*Con, our costume situation (yes, Raven, we are still waiting), travel plans and accomodations.  I informed the group that I will be sending out the final paperwork for our commisioning and thanked everyone for the help they gave me, especially my XO, Lt. Janice Neu and Lt. JG Hyo Soon.  Without them, this Commander would be in way over his head!

In attendance were Marian LaPlaca and her daughter Shannon; Ed, Janice, Adam and James Neu; and surprisingly, Ryan McDowell.  He's been kind of out of the loop and has a tendency to be forgetful of things.  We welcomed him back and reminded him, again, that he needs to re-up with STARFLEET, as well as attend the functions.  Ryan?  New members Alex O'Connor and his father Barry could not make the meeting due to scheduling issues.

The Commander also was in the local newspaper again.  But this time, it was concerning the "real" space program.  I have been a fan and supporter of the American space program since childhood.  The reporter who interviewed me (Jon Fletcher) for the
Star Trek movie and who the fans are wanted to do another story about me.  He had seen my rather extensive collection of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle memorablila, autographs, flown artifacts and fine scale models that I have built.  I jumped at the chance to get on my soap box concerning one of my personal passions.  In the July 20 edition of The Florida Times-Union, on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing which brought two human beings in the form of American astronauts to the lunar serface, the article ran.  He also interviewed me on camera for about an hour.  He edited down to a three-minute video which can be seen at jacksonville.com.  Just go to the videos section and put in the search bar, "one small step."  I hope you can check it out and enjoy it.  [Editor's Note: This video has since been removed from the jacksonville.com web site.]

The crew and command of the USS
Exeter wish to thank Captain Eric L. Watts for all his help with our fledgling chapter and look very forward to meeting up with him and the gang from the USS Republic at Dragon*Con.  Surely the best of times!  Godspeed to STARFLEET and all its members.

As of August 4, the USS Exeter crew included twelve STARFLEET members in good standing.  Visit the Exeter's web site here.
Visit the USS Republic Ship's Store today!
The USS Republic's Ship's Store has plenty of merchandise still available.  Help stimulate your chapter's economy by purchasing one or more of these exclusive, custom-made, Republic-branded items!

Our very own custom-designed chapter comm badges, designed and created by Capt Michael Cowart, feature the Republic's "Delta Shield/Capital R" logo rendered in a Deep Space Nine/Voyager-style comm badge that can be worn with your Next Generation-era style uniform.  Each badge is individually cast in urethane resin and painted by hand to closely resemble the silver and bronze colors of comm badges actually used on the modern Star Trek series.  Available in your choice of traditional butterfly clutch (most secure) for $10.00 each or magnetic backing (won't harm fabric) for $12.00 each, these unique chapter comm badges will be a perfect addition to your uniform for all future chapter events.  Show your pride in the Republic and visit the Ship's Store to order yours now!

The Calendars That Would Not Go Away!  Still Available at Half-Price!  Printed in full color and on heavyweight card stock, drilled and comb-bound for easy wall-hanging, the USS Republic's 2009 calendars feature twelve photos from the Republic's highest-profile events and activities from 2008, as well as member birthdays, federal holidays, major religious and seasonal observances, and most Atlanta-area science fiction convention dates.  THE calendar for all your fannish needs, this full-sized (10¾" x 17"), limited edition calendar, regularly priced at $10.00, can now be yours for only $5.00 postpaid.  Visit the Ship's Store to order yours now!

GPB Pledge Drive DVDs: We came, we answered phones, we conquered!  Twenty-one members and friends of the USS Republic answered phones for two hours during Georgia Public Broadcasting's live semi-annual Pledge Drive on Saturday, December 6... and we've got it on DVD!  See Capt Eric L. Watts be interviewed on live TV!  See Ens Eddie Hines ham it up for the cameras!  See two fully ridged Klingons try to hold phones to their heads!  See it all for only $5.00 per each postpaid DVD!  In addition to 40 minutes of televised Republic samaritanism, this four-hour DVD also includes the last half-hour of Celtic Woman–The Greatest Journey: Essential Collection; Victor Borge: 100 Years of Music & Laughter! (1½ hrs); Yanni Voices (30 min.) and the first hour of My Music: My Generation–The 60s, hosted by Michelle Phillips.  Visit the Ship's Store to order yours now!
Personnel Records
This month... it's all about the Captain!
Many thanks to everyone who sent their get-well wishes to Capt Eric L. Watts in early September while he was out of commission with a "mild" case of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus.  Although still somewhat weak from the illness, all other symptoms have passed and he is now almost fully recovered.
Congratulations to Capt Eric L. Watts, who has been cast as the irrepressible Harry Mudd in an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Phase II (formerly New Voyages).  The episode, "The Sky Above, the Mudd Below," written by veteran Star Trek author Howard Weinstein and adapted from DC Comics' 1991 Star Trek #23, is currently slated to film in either June or October 2010 with a probable release date of 2011.  The role was originally given to J. G. Hertzler, who had to back out of the production due to scheduling conflicts.  Capt Watts was a production assistant on the 2006 Star Trek: New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time" with George Takei.
Closer to home, Capt Eric L. Watts was interviewed by Public Broadcasting Atlanta in mid-September for a one-hour documentary about Dragon*Con to be produced by and broadcast on the Georgia Public Broadcasting network sometime in April 2010.  The documentary will highlight many of Capt Watts' TrekTrak events, including the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant.
Something special going on in your life?  Submit your Personnel Record for publication in the next issue of The Republiqué!
Recent Chapter Event Photos
Fourth of July BBQ & Pool Party  ||  July 4, 2009
In pool: Pool Party Host ENS2 Hal Doby with house puppy, Ka D'Argo.  Standing: Bill Jones, Capt Eric L. Watts, Jason Brannon, Ens Eddie Hines, Matt Duncan, Lt. JG David Churvis, ENS3 Joanne Trew, ENS3 Jeff Trew, ENS3 Julianne Trew, Adm Mike Henigan (CO, USS Atlanta), Capt Michael Cowart, Greg Moffatt.
Fourth of July BBQ & Pool Party  ||  July 4, 2009
Members and friends of the USS Republic enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of Ens Doby's pool on the Fourth of July.


Saturday, August 1
Ens Bill Lahaise

Monday, August 3
Ens Kevin Harris

Wednesday, August 5
ENS3 Jeff Trew

Thursday, August 6
Ens Chris White

Monday, August 10
Capt Eric L. Watts
CRMN3 Jenilee Trew

Tuesday, August 11
Ens Raye Anne Hurst

Sunday, August 16
Ens Eric Hendrix

Monday, August 17
Ens Drew Schlosser

Tuesday, August 25
ENS3 William H. Dover

Wednesday, August 26
Ens Scott Ash

Sunday, August 30
Lt JG Christian M. Shepherd

Monday, August 31
Ens Eric Solomon

1 New Member in July!

Ens Victoria A. White

These members' SFI and chapter dues expire in August

ENS3 Katherine Akin
ENS3 William H. Dover
ENS3 Keavin Wainwright


These members renewed their SFI and chapter dues in July

ENS2 Elisa Roper
ENS3 Todd Dissinger

Commissioned on May 14, 1988 at Dixie-Trek in Atlanta, Georgia, the USS Republic NCC-1371 is a chapter of STARFLEET International (SFI) and a member of STARFLEET Region 2.  The Republic currently has 79 active members (as of September 23) and is the largest chapter of STARFLEET in the world.

The Republic plans and coordinates an active schedule of events for its members, frequently partnering with other local science fiction groups in the Atlanta area for joint activities, but does not hold meetings on a consistently fixed date each month.

Membership in the Republic includes membership in STARFLEET International.  Annual dues are $25 per person for both groups (family discounts are available with certain conditions and restrictions).  Membership in the Republic includes a subscription to our award-winning quarterly magazine, The Sovereign Star, access to our YahooGroups message board, voting privileges in chapter elections and a personalized laminated membership card which entitles the member to discounts and rebates on products and services offered by our Member Benefits Program partners.  Additional information on Republic membership and how to join is on our award-winning web site.



XBox Live Gamertag:
"USS Republic"


Miss Klingon Empire 2009 Crowned Among Carnage
And the winner is…Warrior Ariam (Lucy Maria Boydston), of Hixson, TN.  [The Daily Dragon staff appreciates very much the subtle reminder received from Miss Klingon Empire 2008, Nej Vestai Le'nIvnav (Sonya Desilets), that the winner is really what the contest is all about.  Torture by 'oy'naQ painstick will not be necessary.]  The Daily Dragon staff cowered behind red-shirts hired for added protection while Warrior Ariam and her fellow contestants snarled backstage at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom in preparation for this event.

Returning with rave reviews for his tap dance routine in the Centennial Ballroom on Friday morning, Eric L. Watts served as the Master of Ceremonies, introducing Miss Klingon Empire 2006, 2007 and 2008 with a heartwarming rendition of “She’s a Klingon, whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s no lady,” (sung to “She’s a Lady”).

The contestants were judged based upon quality of make-up and costuming, authenticity of character and integrity and credibility of persona.  The judges assigned the daunting task of selecting the next Miss Klingon Empire (without losing their heads) were Garrett Wang (Harry Kim, Star Trek: Voyager), James Cawley (Actor/creator Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II) Alan Ruck (Capt. John Harriman, Star Trek Generations), Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather, Star Trek: Enterprise), Dwight Schultz (Reginald Barclay, Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Miss Klingon Empire 2006.

Contenders fought bravely for the right to be crowned the titular darling of the Empire.  Dok’mikh Tor’sha-nuch (Tammy Gallant), warned that her ship was in orbit, with all 18 disruptor cannons locked on the room.  She suggested that the judges “choose wisely.”  Warrior Ariam countered with the promise that if she got the crown, she would bring back the head of Earth’s worst enemy: Hannah Montana.

Not to be outdone, Grilka QIHqem (Ilka-Maria Deason) marched to the back of the room and corrected the yearly tech-ops difficulties—by cutting off the offender’s head, which she held high to encouraging shouts of “K’apla!” from the approving audience.  Emcee Watts apologized, saying that he thought they’d gotten last year’s problem fixed. “Well, it’s fixed now,” he added.

Major Nilan tai JomRak (Christine Evans-Arriaga) recited a rousing poem but seemed to lose her tongue as she mentioned Ensign Kim’s name.  After a whirling hug by said ensign, she left the stage somewhat mollified.

Warrior Ariam stole the show, however, when she sang the threatening yet sexy “One way or another, I’m gonna find you,” while jabbing her sword repeatedly into an invisible enemy’s heart.  This epitome of Klingon womanhood surged to victory when asked a difficult question about waking up in bed with a human, a Ferengi, and a garden gnome, surrounded by assorted accouterments that included Romulan ale and bubble wrap.

Her answer wowed the crowd. With calm assurance, she growled, “When I was but a toddler warrior, I was asked that very question by my parents.  I will tell you now what I told them then.  I would rather caress the ears of a Ferengi as he breathes on my neck.  I would rather mind-meld with a Vulcan as he forces his logic upon me.  I would rather be on a holodeck with Data as he searches for inner humanity . . . than be dishonored by answering your question!”

Emcee Watts declared the contest an honorable competition and a fair fight, but he reminded everyone that, among Klingons, there are no runners-up.  To wild cheers of approval from the crowd, the judges declared Warrior Ariam the new Miss Klingon Empire.  In an attempt to pacify the disgruntled... non-winners, lovely Klingon attendants gave consolation trophies to each of the contestants.

And that’s a wrap.

But wait.  Breaking news. Dok’mikh Tor’sha-nuch’s starship has been sighted... where?  And they’re aiming their disruptor cannons?  Oh, no!  We don’t have a shield at the Shera....

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