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Volume I, Number 33  •  December 2010

•  Sun., December 19: Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony

•  TrekTrax Atlanta to present Project: Potemkin world premiere
•  Recent Chapter Event Photos

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USS Republic Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony

6:00 p.m. Sunday, December 19, 2010
Hosted by and in the home of ENS1 Mark A. Ozanick
1690 Hudson Road, Decatur GA  30033
(678) 350-5366
The USS Republic's 2009 Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony at the Hampton Inn in Woodstock
Make plans now to attend the USS Republic's fabulous annual Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony, where we'll eat, drink, be merry!   We'll also announce this year's distinguished Member of the Year... and who your Commanding Officer for 2011 and 2012 will be!

This year's Christmas Party will also be an especially important occasion for members who have been asking questions about the current status of the chapter and our current and future relationship with STARFLEET International.  Commanding Officer Capt Eric L. Watts will deliver an important "State of the Chapter" address to fully explain recent events and what 2011 will hold in store for the USS Republic.

This potluck dinner event will once again be hosted by ENS1 Mark A. Ozanick in his beautiful home in Decatur.  All members and friends of the Republic are cordially invited to attend.  Please plan to arrive between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.  We'll enjoy a festive holiday dinner from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and then, at 8:00 p.m., we'll hold our awards ceremony, announce the results of the election and briefly discuss some important chapter business.  An Evite will be sent out soon so that everyone who plans to attend can RSVP with the number of guests and type of dish they plan to bring.

TrekTrax Atlanta to present a Project: Potemkin world premiere
TrekTrax Atlanta is pleased to announce that creator and executive producer Randall Landers (Cmdr Brian Reigert), Ricky Thompson (Lt. Cmdr Robert Shelton) and a third cast member to be announced from the Internet-based, fan-produced Star Trek series Project: Potemkin will be in attendance at TrekTrax Atlanta to host a discussion panel about their series and to present the world premiere of one of their films.

Set shortly after Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, the series takes place aboard the starship Potemkin.  It's on a five-year mission of exploration in deep space where its crew encounters strange new worlds while seeking out new life forms and new civilizations.  Episodes focus on science fiction as well as action-adventure.  Filming takes place throughout southwest Georgia in order to take advantage of the wide variety of unique locations in the region.

TrekTrax Atlanta looks forward to welcoming members of the Project Potemkin cast to Atlanta and screening their previously released vignette in our Video Room.
Recent Chapter Event Photos
TXA Staff Recruitment Meeting  ||  November 20, 2010
Clockwise from upper left: TXA Chairman Eric L. Watts.  Director of Convention Operations Barry Bynum and Director of Social Media & Public Relations Ken Cribbs.  Julianne Trew gives the convention a big "two thumbs up."  Potential staff members listen to the volunteer opportunities available at the convention.
Atlanta Comic Con  ||  December 4-5, 2010
ENS1 "Wolfy" and ENS1 Sue Lin Lange work the USS
Republic and TrekTrax Atlanta fan table at the Cobb Galleria.  Other members who worked the table include Capt Michael Cowart, Ens Eve Gidion, Ens Brad Carrne, Cmdr Joe Campbell and CO Capt Eric L. Watts, as well as USS Atlanta CO Adm Mike Henigan.


Saturday, December 4
ENS2 Michael A. Knight

Sunday, December 5
ENS3 Marilyn Teague
Ens Tracy O'Quinn

Thursday, December 9
Ens Lisa Willey

Friday, December 10
ENS3 Tammy Pakulski

Wednesday, December 22
Ens Matthew R. Broom

Friday, December 24
ENS3 John Godwin

Wednesday, December 29
ENS2 Joanne Trew

Friday, December 31
ENS3 Naomi Hemingway
Ens Tennille Clayton

These members renewed their SFI and chapter dues in November

ENS1 Mark A. Ozanick

These members' SFI and chapter dues expire in December

Ens Sarah Burroughs
Ens Donnie Hendrix
Ens Sheena Hendrix
Cmdr Brian Holloway
ENS1 Brooke Perry
Cdt Rachel Pevsner

The USS Republic NCC-1371 was commissioned as a chapter of STARFLEET International on May 14, 1988, at the Dixie-Trek convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The Republic is currently operating as an independent organization with 54 members (as of December 19) who are also active members of STARFLEET.

The Republic plans and coordinates an active schedule of events for its members, frequently partnering with other local science fiction groups in the Atlanta area for joint activities, but does not hold meetings on a consistently fixed date each month.

Membership in the Republic continues to include membership in STARFLEET International.  Annual dues are $25 per person for both groups (family discounts are available with certain conditions and restrictions). Membership in the Republic includes access to our YahooGroups message board, voting privileges in chapter elections and a personalized laminated membership card which entitles the member to discounts and rebates on products and services offered by our Member Benefits Program partners.  Additional information on Republic membership and how to join is on our award-winning web site.




USS Republic NCC-1371
B O L D L Y    G O I N G 
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2902 Aspen Woods Entry
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Commanding Officer
  Captain Eric L. Watts
Executive Officer
  Commander Brian Holloway

The Republiqué Volume I, Number 33, December 2010.
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