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Volume I
Number 69
December 2013
•  Sat., December 21: Holiday Potluck Party & Awards Ceremony

•  TrekTrax Atlanta announces Art Show and Director
•  TrekTrax Atlanta presents "The Skywalkers"
•  TrekTrax Atlanta to premiere "Puppets in Space... Opera!"
•  Scotty T-Shirts still available
•  Personnel Records
•  Library Computer
•  Recent Chapter Event Photos

•  December Birthdays
•  November Reenlistments
•  Membership Renewals
•  About the Republic
•  For More Information
•  USS Republic Online
•  Crew Roster
•  News from
   — Abrams admits concealing Khan was a mistake
   — New writers for Trek 3 Update: Variety says Cornish is out
•  News from
   — Yelchin on Star Trek 3 Director
   — Takei twits Shatner on Conan show
   — Takei documentary Sundance premiere
USS Republic Holiday Party & Member of the Year Award Ceremony

7:00 p.m., Saturday, December 21, 2013
Challenges Games and Comics
North DeKalb Mall, Westside Entrance
2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur GA  30033
(678) 973-0410
The USS Republic's 2012 Holiday Party, hosted by Theresa Parker, marked the occasion of the historic reunification of the USS Republic and USS Atlanta
Save the date now and make plans to attend the USS Republic's annual Holiday Potluck Party on Saturday, December 21, at Challenges Games & Comics!  This year's holiday party is hosted by Tony Cade, formerly of The Dragon's Horde, in his brand new store at North DeKalb Mall in Decatur.  All members and friends of the USS Republic are cordially invited to attend.  Capt Eric L. Watts will once again be cooking a turkey for all to enjoy, so please bring your own favorite side dish or dessert to help make this a holiday feast!  The Republic will also be providing a selection of adult libations, but feel free to BYOB and enjoy yourselves responsibly.  We'll also have games to play and videos to watch on Tony's giant widescreen TV, so please plan to come for an evening of fun, festivity and friendship!

Member of the Year & Charting a New Course for 2014
Around 9:00, Captain Eric will present the USS Republic's Member of the Year award to someone whose service to the chapter in 2013 deserves such special recognition.

USS Republic Members of the Year, 2007-2010
2007 Member of the Year
ENS1 Zannetta Law Tucker
2008 Member of the Year
ENS1 Hal Doby
2009 Member of the Year
ENS1 Joanne Trew
2010 Member of the Year
ENS1 Sue Lin Lange
2011 Member of the Year
ENS3 Barry Bynum
2012 Member of the Year
Capt Eric L. Watts

Captain Eric will then deliver his annual "State of the Chapter" address summarizing the Republic's achievements over the past twelve months and charting the chapter's course for his eighth and possibly last year as Commanding Officer.  Rest assured that he is planning something big for 2014, something even bigger than last year's announcement of the USS Republic and USS Atlanta's reunification.  It will be yet another exciting and historic milestone in Star Trek fandom in the Atlanta area... you don't want to miss it!

TrekTrax Atlanta announces Art Show and Director
TrekTrax Atlanta is pleased to announce that Ms. Lysa "Zen" Shin has joined the convention as its Art Show Director and will bring to the annual event its very first art show.

Ms. Shin is a comic book illustrator, colorist and photographer with backgrounds in fine arts and cartooning.  Her grandmother's paintings were seen throughout New York City and her great uncle, an illustrator and colorist, worked on the popular cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Ms. Shin has combined the talents of her grandmother and uncle to create a unique style that is both sophisticated and humorous.

Ms. Shin has worked with various companies such as Troma and her main work has been movie posters for horror films.  She has also worked with various comic book artists and writers such as Lew Morgan, Sean Taylor and Landon Pitts.  Her artwork has been featured at several science fiction and fantasy conventions such as Dragon*Con, Atlanta Comics Convention, Atlanta Comics Expo, Momocon, Capricon and others.

Ms. Shin is currently working on an independent comic book called Zen vs. Zombies, a coffee table photography book called The Art of Martial, and the graphics and photography for a martial arts book, Jiu-Jitsu Practice Sequences, written by Sensei Jonathan Forrester.

Ms. Shin's future projects include a seven-issue graphic novel series called The Seven Deadly Sins of the Human Condition.  She will be working in conjunction with several writers (including Sean Taylor, Bobby Nash and B. Caleb Goodson) as they explore human nature and the traditional seven deadly sins.

Ms. Shin brings her previous experience as an art show director to TrekTrax Atlanta.  Additional information about the TrekTrax Atlanta Art Show will be posted on the web site soon.  In the meantime, artists and others interested in the art show may contact the convention by email.
TrekTrax Atlanta presents The Spirit of Broadway's "The Skywalkers"
TrekTrax Atlanta is pleased to host an encore performance of The Spirit of Broadway's "The Skywalkers" as part of its brand new Space Opera Programming track.  Originally presented in August 2013 as a fundraiser for the Homeless Outreach Programs of the Metropolitan Community Center at the First Metropolitan Community Church of Atlanta, "The Skywalkers" is a tribute to the Star Wars franchise styled as a Broadway musical.

The Spirit of Broadway presents
Dacus Stewart as
Anakin Skywalker/Vader
Ruth Penfield as
Schmi Skywalker
Mark Davis as
Alexandra Pauley as
Leia Skywalker
Blake Feagin as
Luke Skywalker
Trevor Petty as
Andrea White as
Padmé Skywalker
Gail Jones as
Marlina McKay as
Jedi Master
Danielle Coates as
Sith Lordess
Gabrielle Claiborne
as Landa
It's time to ask the uncomfortable questions about how the Death Star, with the capability to destroy entire planets and the defenses to ward off several fleets of battleships, was destroyed by a single fighter.  How did Luke's "miracle" missile, shot in the vacuum of space, defy the laws of physics, make a right-angle turn and enter the Death Star's exhaust port?  Why would the commander of the Death Star leave his post in battle to pilot a small TIE fighter and then order his fighters to stand down as they are targeting the lead Rebel ship, which happened to be piloted by the commander's son?  And why was Leia conveniently aboard the Death Star when her home planet was destroyed, leaving her the sole surviving heir and leader of the Rebellion?  We think it's clear.  It's a family thing, and they are all... Skywalkers.

The premiere performance of "The Skywalkers" was met with a standing ovation.  If you're a Star Wars fan and you missed it the first time, you won't want to miss this exclusive encore performance.  "The Skywalkers" will be presented at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 26, at TrekTrax Atlanta.  Admission is included with a paid membership, which is currently $40 for adults, $20 for children 6-12 and free for children under 6 with a registered adult.  Convention memberships can be purchased on the Memberships page of the
TrekTrax Atlanta web site.
TrekTrax Atlanta to premiere Felt Nerdy's "Puppets in Space... Opera!"
TrekTrax Atlanta is pleased to present the world premiere of a brand new puppet show written and performed by Charles Bramlett, Veronica Bramlett, Charles Pillsbury, Maria D'Souza Walters and John Stephen King, all of whom are members of the Atlanta puppeteer troupes Felt Nerdy and Death By Puppets.

TV history will be rewritten as characters from sci-fi's greatest franchises invade television's greatest classics!  Join Atlanta puppeteer troupes Felt Nerdy and Death By Puppets for a madcap celebration of science fiction and pop culture live on stage at TrekTrax Atlanta 2014!

"Puppets in Space... Opera!" will be presented on Saturday, April 26, at TrekTrax Atlanta.  Admission is included with a paid membership, which is currently $40 for adults, $20 for children 6-12 and free for children under 6 with a registered adult.  Convention memberships can be purchased on the Memberships page of the
TrekTrax Atlanta web site.
Scotty T-Shirts still available
This stunning and dramatic portrait of everyone's favorite chief engineer is available on a high-quality 50/50 polycot t-shirt.  This exclusive, limited edition t-shirt is available only from TrekTrax Atlanta, only in black and only in sizes Medium to 3XL for only $20 postpaid.  Visit the TrekTrax Atlanta web site and click the Merchandise button to order.  Please allow five business days for delivery.  This collector's item is offered as a fundraiser for TrekTrax Atlanta.  Thank you!
Personnel Records

STARFLEET Academy is a special collection of correspondence courses available to every STARFLEET member.  Over 60 Academy Colleges offer courses spanning all aspects of Star Trek and science fiction; some courses even cover non-sci-fi real world topics.  Each college offers dozens of different courses at varying levels of challenge from super-easy to really hard.  In total, there are nearly 1,000 different courses available.  Take a course today!

Something special going on in your life?  Submit your Personnel Record for publication in the next issue of The Republiqué!

Library Computer
From the original Star Trek series pilot episode "The Cage," Majel Barrett as "Number One" in an early screen test wearing the green makeup that would later be applied to Susan Oliver for her role as an Orion dancer.  You can't really tell she's green in this black-and-white photo, but you can see the arched eyebrows that would later become one of Spock's distinctive features.  These alien attributes were eventually discarded and "Number One" appeared as human in the pilot, with considerably longer hair than shown here.
Recent Chapter Event Photos
Away Mission to Thor: The Dark World  ||  November 9, 2013
CO Capt Eric L. Watts and ENS2 Tracey S. Harwell enjoyed Thor: The Dark World but were surprised that not one single promotional item related to the movie was on display anywhere inside or outside the theater.  A poster for next year's Captain American movie was the closest thing they could find even remotely related to Thor.
Fall Business & Dinner Meeting  ||  November 16, 2013
Ray McCoy, TXA Firefly Programming Director "Tink" McCoy, Melissa Woodacre, TXA Tech Ops Director Matt Steinberg, CO Capt Eric L. Watts, Ens Tiffany Johnson, Ens Lee Johnson, ENS2 Tracey S. Harwell, CDT Zarena Nova Tucker, ENS1 Zannetta Law Tucker, ENS2 Richard Tucker, Lt. JG Robert Louis Simon.


Thursday, December 5

ENS2 Tracy O'Quinn

Thursday, December 12
Adm Kelly S. Hilliard

Sunday, December 29
ENS1 Joanne Trew

These members renewed their memberships in November. Thank you!

CDT CRMN Karl Dissinger
ENS1 Todd Dissinger
ENS2 Germaine M. Webb

These members' dues have
expired or will expire in November, December and January.
  Please renew now!

ENS1 Nelson M. Barnhouse
ENS2 Tasheka Gipson
ENS1 Eric Lange
ENS1 Sue Lin Lange
ENS Reggie Lewis
ENS3 Karen Neal
ENS1 Mark A. Ozanick
Ens Lauren Rhodes
ENS3 Richard Tucker
ENS1 Zannetta Law Tucker
Cdt Zarena Nova Tucker
Ensign "Wolfy"
ENS3 Leslie Williamson

The USS Republic NCC-1371 was originally commissioned as a chapter of STARFLEET International on May 14, 1988, at the Dixie-Trek convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  As of December 13, 2013, the Republic crew includes 46 members who are active members of STARFLEET in good standing.
The Republic plans and coordinates an active schedule of events for its members, but does not hold meetings on a consistently fixed date each month.
Because the USS Republic is a duly commissioned chapter of STARFLEET International and is bound and governed by its Constitution and By-Laws, membership in STARFLEET is a prerequisite for membership in the Republic.  Combined annual dues for both groups are $25 per person and is collected by the chapter (family discounts are available with certain conditions and restrictions).  Membership in the Republic includes access to our YahooGroups message board, voting privileges in chapter elections and additional privileges that occasionally become available.  Additional information on Republic membership and how to join or reenlist is on our award-winning web site.



Crmn Eliya Brog
CDT Zarena Nova Tucker
ENS1 "Wolfy"

NEWS from
Abrams admits concealing Khan was a mistake
By Matt Wright
December 2, 2013
In a recent interview with MTV, J. J. Abrams reflects on Into Darkness and now admits that it "probably would have been smarter just to say upfront" that Khan was in the movie.
On Khan:
"The truth is I think it probably would have been smarter just to say upfront ‘This is who it is.'  It was only trying to preserve the fun of it, and it might have given more time to acclimate and accept that's what the thing was," he said.
The idea to keep Khan on the D. L. apparently came from the studio, which, according to Abrams, didn't want to give the impression that a comprehensive knowledge of Star Trek cannon [sic] was required in order to enjoy the latest installment.
On Joe Cornish:
"I don't know if Joe Cornish is the guy.  My guess is that's up in the air.  I adore him and love him and can't wait to see what he does next.  Hopefully it will be Star Trek.  Whatever it is, he's brilliant. Attack the Block was one of my favorite movies of the year when it came out."
© 2013 SciFanatic Network

New writers added to Trek 3 Update: Variety says Cornish is out
By Matt Wright
December 6, 2013
While this isn't 100% official, The Hollywood Reporter just broke a story that says two new writers will be joining Roberto Orci in writing the third Star Trek movie script.  Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are out.
The new blood comes in the form of J. D. Payne and Patrick McKay.  These relatively unknowns do have a relationship with Bad Robot.  The pair were tapped to write the script adapting the graphic novel Boilerplate in 2011 (as yet unreleased) for Bad Robot.
That's it though; there's no other news on Trek 3 in the article, other than the common assumption that it's supposed to be out in 2016 to coincide the 50th anniversary of the franchise.
The next Star Trek film is untitled and unscheduled, but Paramount and Skydance are hoping to have a film in time for the franchise to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016
Update: In a throw-away line in Variety's coverage about Payne and McKay, they buried a pretty big detail.  Variety now reports Joe Cornish will NOT be the next director.
Paramount and Skydance were at one point in talks with Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish, but he is no longer involved.
© 2013 SciFanatic Network

NEWS from
Yelchin on Star Trek 3 Director
By T'Bonz
December 13, 2013
Anton Yelchin is confident that Star Trek 3 will find the right director.
After news broke that Joe Cornish will not be directing, Yelchin commented on the search for a director for the next installment of the Star Trek story.
"...whoever they choose, I'll be excited to work with," he said.  "I trust the people involved and trust that they want what's best for the film.  I'm sure they'll find someone talented.
"If it's not Joe Cornish, who's very talented, it'll be someone else.  I think everyone's very smart.
"Everyone at Bad Robot, J. J. [Abrams] and Bryan Burk are all very, very smart people.  So they'll do what needs to be done for the film and I'll be excited to find out what that is."
Yelchin is currently filming Burying the Ex, in which he plays a man whose overbearing girlfriend dies, but comes back as a zombie.

Takei twits Shatner on Conan show
By T'Bonz
December 12, 2013
Another Star Trek actor appeared on last night's Conan show; George Takei.
Takei spoke about the new Star Trek reboot, explaining what if any roles were appropriate for the original series actors.  He then gave Conan a demonstration of the exercise routine he does daily to keep in shape.
In explaining that the original series actors for the most part are a bit past it to be appearing in an action movie, Takei took a swipe at William Shatner.  "We were no longer relevant to the new audience," he explained.  "Can you imagine Bill Shatner running down those corridors like Chris Pine did?  That's not a pretty sight!"
"You're never afraid to go after old Bill Shatner," said Conan, laughing.
Conan wanted to know why the seventy-six-year old Takei was still in such good shape and Takei explained that he did daily sit-ups and push-ups.  When asked, he proceeded to give an on-air demonstration of his push-up technique.

Takei documentary Sundance premiere
By T'Bonz
December 11, 2013
George Takei‘s documentary, To Be Takei, will premiere at next year's Sundance Film Festival.
To Be Takei chronicles Takei's life; including his childhood in a World War II internment camp, his time on Star Trek, and his human rights work and Internet presence.
"Over seven decades, actor and activist George Takei journeyed from a World War II internment camp to the helm of the Starship Enterprise, and then to the daily news feeds of five million Facebook fans.  Join George and his husband, Brad, on a wacky and profound trek for life, liberty, and love."
The 2014 Sundance Film Festival will be held from January 16-24, in Park City, Utah.
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