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August (Late October) 2015
•  Saturday, October 31: North DeKalb Mall Halloween Bash
•  Saturday, November 14: Fall Sci-Fi Charity Putt-Putt Challenge
•  Saturday, November 14: CONjuration Room Party
•  Sat., Dec. 19: Away Mission: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
•  Sunday, December 20: USS Republic Holiday Party
•  Saturday, January 30: Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Concert

•  USS Republic's online photo archive exceeds 10,000 images
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    Star Trek fan films unofficial fourth season
  News from Entertainment Weekly
Bruce Hyde, crew member on original Star Trek, dies at 74
  News from TrekToday
Star Trek Renegades News
  News from The Daily Mirror
Carlo Ancelotti to appear in new Star Trek film
  News from San Diego Jewish World
Behind the scenes of the original Star Trek series
North DeKalb Mall Halloween Bash & Star Trek Fan Film Mini-Festival

3:00 to 9:00 p.m. Saturday, October 31, 2015

North DeKalb Mall

2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur GA  30033
Make plans now to join your friends and fellow USS Republic crewmates at North DeKalb Mall's first-ever Halloween Bash!  This family-oriented event will include trick-or-treating, a costume contest, a dance party, a scavenger hunt and much more! Costumes are not required but... hey, it's Halloween!  They are absolutely encouraged!
But wait!  There's more!
The USS Republic cordially invites you to attend our first-ever Independent Star Trek Fan Film Mini-Festival on Saturday, October 31, beginning at 4:00 p.m. and running until 9:00 p.m. at Challenges Games & Comics in North DeKalb Mall in Decatur!  We'll be screening four of the very best independent Star Trek fan films to have been recently released in the enormous gaming room at Challenges on a big-screen TV with lots of seating.  After each film, we'll host a brief discussion panel to talk about the film in particular, Star Trek fan films in general and of course, the USS Republic and Treklanta!  If you haven't seen these films yet—or even if you have—come on out and watch them again with an enthusiastic group of Star Trek fans and enjoy some delicious FREE PIZZA from Dantonio's Pizza, courtesy of the USS Republic!
Star Trek Fan Film Mini-Festival Screening Schedule
•  4:00 p.m.: Star Trek: New Voyages "Mind-Sifter" (Run Time: 1:05)
•  5:25 p.m.: Star Trek Continues "The White Iris" (Run Time: 0:48)
•  6:30 p.m.: Star Trek: Renegades "Episode 1" (Run Time: 1:28)
•  8:15 p.m.: Star Trek: Axanar "Prelude to Axanar" (Run Time: 0:21)

All this and more... absolutely FREE!  We hope to see you there!
Fall Sci-Fi Charity Putt-Putt Challenge
Sponsored by KAG Atlanta and Sci-Fi Summer Con
A charity event benefitting Bread of Life Food Ministry

12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 14
, 2015
Malibu Grand Prix Theme Park
5400 Brook Hollow Parkway, Norcross GA  30071
(770) 416-7630
Members and friends of the USS Republic, KAG Atlanta, Stargate Atlanta, the IKAV Nemesis, that lizard thing on the far left and who knows who else at the 2010 Fall Sci-Fi Charity Putt-Putt Challenge in Norcross.
All members and friends of the USS Republic are invited to come out and play at the Malibu Grand Prix Theme Park in Norcross for this fun-filled fundraiser benefitting the Bread of Life Food Ministry, a community food bank in Lawrenceville.
We've had a lot of fun at this event in previous years and we look forward to doing it again!

Malibu Grand Prix is on Brook Hollow Parkway in Norcross, just west of I-85 at Indian Trail-Lilburn Road
Bring at least two canned food donations per person for a free 18-hole round of putt-putt per person (a $6.99 value)!
All other attractions at group rate prices!
Prizes to the winner and person donating the most canned goods!
Republic shirts, Star Trek costumes or any other kind of fannish costumes are encouraged (but not required)!
All local fan clubs and fan groups are challenged and welcomed to attend and participate!
This is a "family-friendly" event!
There may be some fun semi-fabulous prizes for the winner!

For more information about the Putt-Putt challenge, please contact
Sci-Fi Summer Con chairman and KAG Atlanta Quadrant Commander Chris Jones.  On behalf of the command and crew of the USS Republic NCC-1371, we hope to see you there!  Q'pla!
CONjuration Room Party

8:00 p.m., Saturday, November 14
, 2015
Atlanta Marriott Century Center
2000 Century Boulevard NE, Atlanta GA  30345
(800) 228-9290

What is CONjuration?
CONjuration is more than a convention for Harry Potter fans.  It's a celebration of magical fantasy!  If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural and classics like The Wizard of Oz, this is the con for you!  We will be featuring an immersive experience with a Yule Ball, A Hunt for the Horcrux "Choose Your Own Adventure,"
several Harry Potter Wizard Wrock Bands, Death Eaters live action games, cosplay contests, Supernatural Mystery Party, Supernatural Scavenger Hunt, Quidditch games and matches, live Wizard Chess and more!

CONjuration preregistered memberships are only $49 for all three days (Friday-Sunday, November 13-15) and rooms at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center are only $87 per night if reserved before October 29.  For more information about memberships, the hotel, guests and programming events and activities, visit the CONjuration web site.  We hope to see you there!

USS Republic Room Party!
The USS Republic held a room party at last year's CONjuration for the first time and as you can see, people had a great time.  Let's do it again this year!
After an afternoon of fun and friendship at the Fall Sci-Fi Charity Putt-Putt Challenge, drop by the Atlanta Marriott Century Center and find the USS Republic and Treklanta Room Party, hosted by Ensigns Vicki and Gaylen Greve, Kathy Wynn and Captain Eric, somewhere in the building.  (We've reserved a room but won't know the room number until we check in on Saturday.)  As soon as we know our room number, we'll post it on both of our Facebook pages and, to the extent that we're allowed, we'll post signs around the hotel.  We need your help!  Any other members or friends of the Republic who would like to assist with setting up and hosting the party is asked to contact the Captain as soon as possible.  Thank you!
Away Mission to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Saturday Afternoon, December 19, 2015
Time and Location To Be Announced
It's almost finally here!  The long-awaited seventh Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, directed by former Star Trek film director J. J. Abrams, finally hits the theaters on Friday, December 18.  And while there is no doubt that some of our members and friends will insist on seeing it on Friday—or possibly even late Thursday night—the Republic hopes you'll join us for this very special away mission on Saturday afternoon, December 19, in order to avoid what is sure to be huge crowds on Friday and to get matinee-priced tickets.  A discussion about what day to see this movie on was held at our Early Fall Dinner Meeting earlier this month and the overwhelming consensus was that Saturday the 19th was preferred over Friday the 18th, so if you'd like to join us for your first viewing of this movie... great!  If you can't wait and must see it on Friday, and would like to join us on Saturday for your second (or third... or fourth...) viewing, that's great, too!  In either event, it would be great for the USS Republic to make a strong showing, either in costume or not.  Please join us!

Exact time and location will be announced later, but we'll look for a theater somewhere in north DeKalb County for this away mission.  Stay tuned for details!
USS Republic Holiday Potluck Party & Member of the Year Award Ceremony

8:00 p.m., Sunday, December 20, 2015
Challenges Games and Comics
North DeKalb Mall, Westside Entrance
2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur GA  30033
(678) 973-0410
Seated: ENS1 Richard Tucker, CDT4 Zarena Nova Tucker, ENS1 Zannetta Law Tucker. Standing: Ens Tina Louise Jones, Eric Jones, Ens Vicki Greve, Ens Gaylen Greve, ENS1 Tracey S. Harwell, Ens John May, Ens Carly May, Adm Kelly Hilliard, XO Adm Mike Henigan, ENS1 Sue Lin Lange, "Ensign Wolfy," CO FCapt Eric L. Watts, Chris Jones.
It's one of the most important occasions of the year!  Make plans to attend the USS Republic's annual Holiday Potluck Party on Sunday, December 20, at Challenges Games & Comics in North DeKalb Mall in Decatur!  All members and friends of the USS Republic are cordially invited to attend.  FCapt Eric L. Watts will once again be cooking a turkey for all to enjoy, so please bring your own favorite side dish or dessert to help make this a holiday feast!  The Republic will also be providing a selection of adult libations, but feel free to BYOB and enjoy yourselves responsibly.  Please plan to come for an evening of fun, festivity and friendship!

Member of the Year Award
Around 9:00 or so, Captain Eric will present the USS Republic's Member of the Year award to someone whose service to the chapter in 2015 deserves such special recognition.
  Please plan to attend, bring a couple of friends and a side dish or two, and spend an evening with your friends and shipmates aboard the USS Republic!
USS Republic Members of the Year, 2007-2014
2007 Member of the Year
ENS1 Zannetta Law Tucker
2008 Member of the Year
ENS1 Hal Doby
2009 Member of the Year
ENS1 Joanne Trew
2010 Member of the Year
ENS1 Sue Lin Lange
2011 Member of the Year
ENS3 Barry Bynum
2012 Member of the Year
FCapt Eric L. Watts
2013 Member of the Year
Adm Mike Henigan
2014 Member of the Year
Adm Kelly S. Hilliard
Away Mission to Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Concert

8:00 p.m., Saturday, January 30, 2016
The Fabulous Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA  30308

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage brings five decades of Star Trek to concert halls for the first time in this galaxy or any other.

This lavish production includes an impressive live symphony orchestra and international solo instruments.  People of all ages and backgrounds will experience the franchise's groundbreaking and wildly popular musical achievements while the most iconic Star Trek film and TV footage is simultaneously beamed in high definition to a 40-foot-wide screen.

The concert will feature some of the greatest music written for the franchise including music from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and much more.  This never-before-seen concert event is perfect for music lovers, filmgoers, science fiction fans and anyone looking for an exciting and unique concert experience.

USS Republic Away Mission!
Save the date and make plans now to join your friends and fellow Republic crewmates for this awesome once-in-a-lifetime musical event!  But don't buy your ticket yet!  The Republic hopes to be able to arrange for group seating and a group discount on tickets for our crew and we'll announce those details soon if we're able to work something out with the Fabulous Fox Theatre.  But start saving up for this event now, as the lowest-priced tickets currently available online start at $40 each and go much higher for the best seats.  We'll do our best to negotiate a group discount and we may have to ask for payment in advance.  Stay tuned for details!


USS Republic's online photo archive exceeds 10,000 images
In what may very well be the largest such photo archive of its kind among all the 240 chapters of STARFLEET around the world, the USS Republic's Flickr account recently exceeded ten thousand images.  Since creating the account in 2011, photos from almost 200 different events over the course of the Republic's 27-year history have been uploaded and organized into online albums arranged in chronological order, with the most recent event displayed first.  To be fair, most of these events have been held since 2004, with a handful of events from 1988 also included.  We have in our possession a couple of old-fashioned photo albums (you know... the kind with pages in a three-ring binder that sits on a bookshelf somewhere... ask your grandparents) that contain photos from even more events held during the Republic's first five years, and those photos will be scanned and uploaded to our Flickr account eventually.
Several links to the Republic's Flickr account are included in every issue of The Republiqué, including the Flickr logo icon in the upper right corner of the page and the "Photo Gallery" link in the "USS Republic Online" section of the sidebar.  Links to individual event albums are also included in every "Recent Chapter Events" section of every issue.  Whether you're a brand new member or you've been with us for many years, take a few minutes to visit our Flickr page and browse through the more than 10,000 images of previous Republic events that chronicle and archive for posterity our amazing adventures over the course of many years.
Personnel Records
Welcome Aboard!
Ens Jeff Jansen
Atlanta, Georgia
Ens Christopher M. Jones
Simpsonville, SC
Ens Brent Chapman
Acworth, Georgia
STARFLEET Academy Course Completions
Congratulations to Ens Charles Brent Chapman, who received a grade of DISTINCTION for the STARFLEET Academy course "The Princess Bride" from the Institute of Fantasy, Horror & Supernatural College of the Fantasy Realm, completed on October 10, 2015.
STARFLEET Academy is a special collection of correspondence courses available to every STARFLEET member.  Over 60 Academy Colleges offer courses spanning all aspects of Star Trek and science fiction; some courses even cover non-sci-fi real world topics.  Each college offers dozens of different courses at varying levels of challenge from super-easy to really hard.  In total, there are nearly 1,000 different courses available.  Take a course today!

Something special going on in your life?  Submit your Personnel Record for publication in the next issue of The Republiqué!
Library Computer
Not much is known about this magnificent Star Trek cast photo except that it was posted on Twitter in February 2015 by @LeStudioPhotos (a.k.a. LeStudio Photography), a Los Angeles-based celebrity photographer who claims to have taken the photo in 1991.  It recently resurfaced and was widely shared on Facebook.

The photo shows Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George Takei and James Doohan in contemporary street clothes standing in front of a similarly posed cast photo of themselves in their
Star Trek costumes.  It is this editor's speculation that this photo was most likely taken at a publicity event for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  While cast photos of the original Star Trek crew wearing Starfleet uniforms are ubiquitous, similar photos of the entire cast in their own street clothes are exceedingly rare and it is this editor's further speculation that this photo may very well have been the last one ever taken.  Evidence to the contrary is invited and would be welcomed.
Recent Chapter Event Photos
USS Republic & Treklanta Dinner Meeting  ||  August 29, 2015
(Ens) Theresa Watkins, ENS1 Tracey S. Harwell, (ENS2) Will Dover, Ens Gaylen Greve, Ens Brent Chapman, Ens Vicki Greve and FCapt Eric L. Watts discuss chapter and convention business at Marlow's Tavern in the DoubleTree by Hilton Atlanta Northlake hotel
10th Annual STARFLEET Bowling Challenge  ||  Sept. 19, 2015
The Port Siders: FCapt Eric L. Watts, Lt JG Lee Johnson, Bunny "S." and Ens Vicki Greve played two games against The Starboarders: Lt JG Tiffany Johnson, ENS1 Todd Dissinger, Ryan Laek and Ens Gaylen Greve
FCapt Eric L. Watts
Lt JG Lee Johnson
Bunny "S."
Ens Vicki Greve
Lt JG Tiffany Johnson
ENS1 Todd Dissinger
Ryan Laek
Ens Gaylen Greve
Ryan Laek's stunning 175 score and Ensign Todd's impressive 144 in the first game of the bowling challenge helped lead The Starboarders to a decisive 519 to 406 victory over The Port Siders.
Although Ensign Gaylen of The Starboarders took the highest individual score in the second game with 136, Ensign Vicki's 135 and Captain Eric's 126 helped nudge The Port Siders to a 426 to 422 victory in an extremely close match-up.


Saturday, August 1
ENS1 Russell J. Broomfield

Thursday, August 6

ENS1 Chris White

Monday, August 10

ENS1 Jenilee Trew

Monday, August 10
FCapt Eric L. Watts

Monday, August 17
Ens Tina Louise Jones

Thursday, August 27

Ens Carly May

These members renewed their SFI and chapter dues in July.  Thank you!

ENS1 Sue Lin Lange
ENS1 "Wolfy"

These members' dues expire in
December.  Please renew now!

ENS1 Tracey S. Harwell
Ens Carly May
Ens John May

The USS Republic NCC-1371 was originally commissioned as a chapter of STARFLEET International on May 14, 1988, at the Dixie-Trek convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  As of October 24, 2015, the Republic crew includes 39 members who are active members of STARFLEET in good standing.
The Republic plans and coordinates an active schedule of events for its members, but does not hold meetings on a consistently fixed date each month.
Because the USS Republic is a duly commissioned chapter of STARFLEET International and is bound and governed by its Constitution and By-Laws, membership in STARFLEET is a prerequisite for membership in the Republic.  STARFLEET dues for one person are $20 for a "Standard Membership" or $10 for an "E-Membership" and chapter dues are $10 per person for either membership option.  A combined payment for all dues is collected by the Republic (family discounts are available with certain conditions and restrictions).  Additional information about the two STARFLEET membership options, amounts due for additional family members, payment options and payment instructions is on the "How to Join" page of our award-winning web site.
# PP
REP. =
# PP
REP. =



AS OF OCTOBER 24, 2015

ENS1 Nelson M. Barnhouse

CDT4 Zarena Nova Tucker
ENS1 Chris White
ENS1 "Wolfy"

NEWS from
Star Trek fan films unofficial fourth season, original cast and crew approve
By Mike Vago
October 16, 2015
While fan fiction has spread to practically every genre of entertainment in recent years, the practice essentially began with Star Trek.  The beloved science fiction mainstay was canceled after just 79 episodes, and in the decade between the end of the series and the premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, nerds across the globe were hungry for more.  Thus, people began concocting their own adventures for the crew of the Starship Enterprise, which strayed from the show's conventions enough that the term "slash fiction" was coined to describe Kirk/Spock romance stories.
But even after four spinoff series and three distinct-but-related series of films, fans' desire to tell their own version of the story has, if anything, increased.  Innumerable fan films and amateur Trek series can be found all over the Internet, but few of them—save for maybe J. J. Abrams' big-budget fan films—are quite as legitimate as Star Trek: New Voyages.  After filming three short vignettes as a proof of concept, executive producer James Cawley has so far created 11 episodes, presented as a long-awaited fourth season of the original series.  A recent New York Times profile describes how, with help from volunteers and donations from Trekkies around the world, he's faithfully recreated the sets of the Enterprise's bridge, sick bay and transporter room in a studio he's constructed inside a former dollar store in his hometown of Ticonderoga, New York.  Cawley has hired professional actors to play Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew, and in 2015, even an amateur production has better special effects than network television could muster in 1967.
The end result is polished enough that it caught the attention of several people connected to the original series.  Episodes have been scripted by David Gerrold, who wrote fan favorite "The Trouble With Tribbles," and D. C. Fontana, who wrote numerous episodes of the original series and was considered a pioneer in an era when few women wrote for television, especially sci-fi.  But an even bigger endorsement of the show comes from George Takei and Walter Koenig, who have each reprised the roles they made famous on the original series in Cawley's shorts.  Each appears in an episode of New Voyages, playing older versions of Sulu and Chekov across from younger actors who have taken on the roles (again, just like J. J. Abrams did it).
To skirt copyright issues, episodes of the series are streamed for free on the show's web site, with donations from fans allowing the Enterprise more continuing voyages, and Trek fans a chance to enjoy the closest thing to a fourth season of the original series they're going to get.
© 2015 Onion Inc.

NEWS from
Bruce Hyde, crew member on original Star Trek, dies at 74
By Oliver Gettell
October 19, 2015
Bruce Hyde, who played Enterprise crew member Lt. Kevin Riley in two episodes of the original Star Trek series and went on to become an educator at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, died Oct. 13 after battling throat cancer.  He was 74.
A Dallas native, Hyde appeared in the debut season of Star Trek in 1966, in "The Naked Time" and "The Conscience of the King."  Though he only acted in two episodes, he made a lasting impression as Riley, in particular for repeatedly crooning "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" to comedic effect.
In an interview with last year, Hyde said of his enduring connection to the show, "I'm honored to have my little toe in pop culture history."
Hyde's other television credits include Dr. Kildare, That Girl, and The Beverly Hillbillies.  He also worked on stage, doing Canterbury Tales on Broadway and Hair in San Francisco.
After taking a hiatus from acting, Hyde started teaching at St. Cloud in 1990, dividing his time between the Department of Theatre & Film Studies and the Department of Communication Studies.  He became a professor emeritus earlier this year.  While at St. Cloud, Hyde returned to performing on stage in the Twin Cities area.
"There were so many layers to him," his wife, Susan Saetre, said of her husband.  "He was an actor, a singer, a musician, a writer, an artist.  He had so many different complexities to him, but I think the thing that best fit him was being a teacher.  He was able to blend all of those in his teaching."
© 2015 Entertainment Weekly Inc.

NEWS from
Star Trek Renegades News
By T'Bonz
October 20, 2015
Changes are happening at Star Trek: Renegades, with a familiar character leaving the fan-produced series, and two new Star Trek actors joining it.
Walter Koenig announced that Admiral Chekov's last appearances in Star Trek: Renegades will be in episodes two and three of the production.  Koenig's first appearance as Chekov was in the original series' episode "Catspaw."
Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), has joined Star Trek: Renegades, where he will reprise his role as Benjamin Sisko's son.  Aron Eisenberg, who played his Ferengi friend Nog on Deep Space Nine, is also involved in Star Trek: Renegades.
Another Trek actor, this time from Star Trek: Voyager, is joining Star Trek: Renegades.  Robert Beltran will be returning to the world of Trek as Commander Chakotay.
Star Trek: Renegades plans on making more episodes, and in view of that, will announce new details about their Kickstarter project at the end of the month.  "These new episodes will take the story to new heights, introducing new cast members, as well as bringing back some of Star Trek's most beloved characters from Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager," they said in an announcement on their web site.  "Every part of production is being ramped up, from the creative team involved in the scripts, as well as the design team, wardrobe, and many more Star Trek actors, as Renegades moves into creating and producing the first full twelve-episode season."
© 2015 TrekToday and
Christian Höhne Sparborth

NEWS from
Carlo Ancelotti to appear in new Star Trek film
By Liam Prenderville
October 24, 2015
Editor's Note: Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian football [what we call soccer] manager and former footballer.  He is regarded as one the best and most respected managers in the game and of all time.
Former Real Madrid and Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti is set for a role on the silver screen—in the new Star Trek movie.
The Italian has been out of work since the summer after being sacked by Real and replaced by Rafa Benitez.  He has since been linked to a host of vacancies, including the Liverpool job, but has continued his sabbatical.  But that has not stopped him from taking on a new role... in outer space.
According to Corriere della Sera, Ancelotti will feature in a minor role in the new film, Star Trek Beyond.
The latest installment of the popular franchise is due to be released in 2016, with the 56-year-old having already reportedly filmed his scene for the movie.
Ancelotti's cameo is said to involve him playing a doctor on board a spacecraft, examining an alien form.
It is thought he gained the position due to his relationship with actress Zoe Saldana.  The pair became friendly during his time in London with Chelsea and have kept in touch ever since.  Saldana, who plays Nyota Uhura in the latest Star Trek films, has also starred in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy.
© 2015 The Daily Mirror

NEWS from
Behind the scenes of the original Star Trek series
By Donald H. Harrison
October 24, 2015
CHULA VISTA, California—Sonni Cooper, an author and script consultant for the original Star Trek television series, said Saturday, Oct. 24, that although William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and such other members of the cast as Mark Lenard were Jewish, the cast was far from a happy Yiddishe family.
Shatner played Captain James T. Kirk; Nimoy was Spock, the half human, half Vulcan; and Lenard was best known as Spock's father, Sarek, although he also played the parts of a Romulan and a Klingon in other episodes.  The series ran during the 1966-68 television seasons before being cancelled, but became nearly a cult phenomenon after it went into reruns.  Between 1979 and 1991, the cast also made six movies.
Although they seemed devoted to each other while in character, the fact was that Nimoy and Shatner were jealous of each other, Cooper told a Shabbat afternoon gathering at Temple Beth Sholom.  Among other books, she authored the Star Trek novel Black Fire.
There was a time, she said, when Nimoy had decided he would never play Spock again, because he was afraid of being typecast, and because he did not like working with Shatner.  When Nimoy appeared on stage in a play, she was dispatched to attend every single performance and to keep tabs on him.
After a while, Nimoy noticed her presence and asked why she was there all the time.  She told him that no one wanted him to quit as Spock.  She asked what would it take for him to stay.  They went to coffee and discussed the matter, and finally came to an agreement.  He would be paid more than Shatner—by one dollar!  And no one ever told Shatner, according to Cooper.
Cooper said the two stars were very different in size and temperament.  "They were extremely different personalities," she said.  "Leonard was quiet, more introspective.  Bill was always hopping around.  He is very bright but not very caring.  Nobody in Star Trek liked William Shatner.  If you listen to George Takai (who played Sulu) to this day, he still dislikes Bill.  He was selfish, very vain, proud, and he didn't look out for the other guy.  But he does his job.  He is very well-read, very well-educated, and he was a Shakespearean actor in Canada."
The difference in height between Shatner and Nimoy caused some technical problems.  "I remember them taking a two-shot of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner," she said.  It was supposed to be of Spock standing up and Kirk sitting down.  "They couldn't do it because there was such a discrepancy in height.  Bill isn't very tall.  They had to put him on a little pillow and raise him up to do a two-shot with Spock."
For all that, there were some hi-jinx on the Star Trek set, she recalled.  "Picture Leonard Nimoy running around looking for his bicycle.  Everyone had bicycles because the studio was so large and you had to get around.  Leonard's bike vanished.  We took it and up in the top (of the soundstage) there is this place for lights.  It was there in plain sight, but it looked like every other piece of metal.  And Leonard ran around looking for that bike for a week before someone said 'Look up!' and he found it.  There was a lot of lightness."
Cooper retold the story of how Nimoy introduced to the Vulcan cosmos the spread-finger hand gesture that the kohanim use when blessing their congregation.  She said that Nimoy was a little boy in the synagogue when, instead of lowering his eyes, he peeked at the rabbi giving the blessing with upraised hands.  The image never left him and later became an accompaniment for the traditional Vulcan greeting: "Live long and prosper."
© 2015 San Diego Jewish World
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Commanding Officer
  Fleet Captain Eric L. Watts
Executive Officer
  Admiral W. Michael Henigan

The Republiqué Volume I, Number 89, August (Late October) 2015.
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